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Create and Use Starter GPOs

Create and Use Starter GPOs 
When you create a new GPO in the GPMC, you are given the opportunity to base the new GPO on a starter GPO. Because the settings of the starter GPO are then imported into the new GPO, this allows you to use a starter GPO to define the base configuration settings for a new GPO. In a large organization, you want to create different categories of starter GPOs based on the users and computers they will be used with, or based on the required security configuration.

You can create a starter GPO by following these steps:
1. In the GPMC, expand the entry for the forest you want to work with, and then double-click the related Domains node to expand it.
2. Right-click Starter GPOs and then select New. In the New Starter GPO dialog box, type a descriptive name for the new GPO, such as General Management User GPO. If desired, enter comments describing the GPO’s purpose. Then click OK.
3. Right-click the new GPO and then choose Edit. In the policy editor, configure the necessary policy settings and then close the policy editor.